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This soulful musical composition helps give dignity and character to the much battered and besmirched image of Fathers, as we come close to Fathers Day here in America.  
The song was inspired by Steven Wagner while reflecting on his Father who dedicated his life sweat and love to provide a decent home for a family of (7) 
 And this song can bring a much needed dedication for those who want to send a message to the man figure in their lives. 
 If 100 Black Men help spread the word and send the message to your network of African American people. 
We cannot wait for Hollywood to do the right thing. We recently saw the man bashing big screen movie , where each Black man was shown to be no good, in my opinion  DADDY GIVES RECOGNITION TO ALL FATHERS BUT BLACK MEN WHERE ITíS DIARLY NEEDED. Players: Minnesota Stevie recorded all instruments except: 
Maurice (Shoonie) Kemp on Inspired. Drum Programming 
Reggie Wagner: Drum Programming on Note Kickín and Vocals on : In The Cold.  Billie Murray Vocals on: Come Lay Next To me 
Are You Still In Love 
Am I The Man Or No 
            Ways Of Past and DADDY  

 (Please use DADDY any Day of the Year) 

Bruce Henry Vocals on: Rules Of Human Nature, Your My Destiny, (Bruce Henry has always been down to earth)  
Deborah (Chantel) Winn: Vocals on: Iíve Been Asking You.  I have more female creations but in Minnesota itís hard to get professional Female Vocalist to help. The West Coast was better for the free spirit. But if youíre Female and want to sing let me Know. The spelling of (Your) In, Your my Destiny: is because what I meant is your virtues, your woman hood your politeness your maturity, your total femininity is what was destined for that man who found such a special person. 

Leroy Coleman Mixing and guidance through the programs I did not know and still learning. 

Mastering on DADDY and Rules Of Human Nature 

by: Rare Form Mastering, In Minneapolis Minnesota. 

Much of my creativity arrived after living on the west coast and being homeless, having a minor stroke and heart attack. It did not end there even after returning to Minnesota and doing over two years on the streets is when ( In The Cold) was inspired. It is a blessing that the few men shelters that are known to the African American male population in the Twin Cities area exist, but at the same time what exist is the insensate ways of some of the workers at these facilities due to their perceived insecurities and the need to dog another out. All Tunes Copy written By: Steven Wagner and a BMI affiliate



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Minnesota Stevie: Daddy


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